Leaky Con 2018 - Dallas, Texas

Leaky Con is a Harry Potter themed convention. I apologize that I didn't a lot of good pictures. I was so busy I was never able to get away from the booth. The convention was so much fun though. Even though, I wasn't able to get around too much, I did find someone wearing one of our shirts. Next year, we are going to try and have ribbons to give out.

This was a fun show and gave us a little break from packing up to move to Pennsylvania. There were so many people in attendance and strangely enough a large amount of haunted house displays. Which, of course, my husband loved. The 20 hour drive to get there was a little rough, but fun... with lots of breaks for snacks and drinks. This time in our little recap of pictures I also included some of the places we ate at while there. Jim had never had real fry sauce so we got some from Arctic Circle. Home of fry sauce.

FanX September 2018 - Salt Lake City

Flashback Weekend Horror Convention 2018 - Rosemont, Illinois

Any convention I get to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki is a good convention in my book. :) 

Supernatural Convention 2018 - Rosemont, Illinois

If you love staying up late and watching creepy movies with the lights off then you this convention is probably for you. There is so many cool things related to horror films. Some of it you never even knew existed. The people are also really friendly. We even found someone wearing our Camp Areyafreakingserious T-shirt.

One of the best things about our business is we get to do a lot of fairs and farmer's markets which allows us to meet a lot of cool people. We also get to do a lot of comic book and pop culture conventions. Since, we have so much fun vending at these places we thought we would put up a few pictures of the awesome things we get to see.

And who knows... you might see something you like and end up going yourself.